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Halloween 2015

So, Halloween has been and gone again for another year! This was the first year me and my daughter (Maisie) got our hands dirty and carved a couple of pumpkins.

She was too young for it all last year but she absolutely loved it this time around! Before I had realised what I had said, it was too late, Maisie was set on a Minion pumpkin.

We cut the tops off and pulled out the seeds (the best bit off course!!!)


Then I plucked up the courage to carve them, we had reluctantly decided on a Minion pumpkin and a standard scary pumpkin (much easier option).

I was pretty impressed with my attempts, as this was technically my first time!

My Minion pumpkin is up first:

Minion Pumpkin

At first, I was a bit embarrassed but other people told me that it was pretty awesome!

Next up is the standard scary pumpkin:

Scary Pumpkin

Maisie loved them and that’s the main thing!

I would love to see your pumpkin designs, post them in the comments below!