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Awesome Christmas Presents for Children

It’s nearing that time when people are busy rushing around buying lots of presents for relatives and friends.

I love the festive period, more so now than ever because of the joy it brings my daughter, it’s just incredible! I’m sure every child is the same, when they see that huge pile of presents left by that magical man ‘Santa’ there face is a picture.

Let’s face it there’s a lot of work to do before then and buying presents can be a stressful job, that’s why i wanted to give you working parents some good ideas!

  • Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

First up is this amazing Lego Vessel that can be for both boys and girls (aswell as adults like me that love Lego!)

Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

It can be found on the Smyths Toys website for £48.99 (Argos are selling this for £79.99).

  • Chad Valley 3 Storey Summer Winter Dolls House

I know for a fact that this is something my daughter Maisie would absolutely love!


This is an Argos branded toy which can be found on their website for £149.99. If this is slightly too expensive, there are cheaper alternatives out there:

This wooden dolls house from Asda is only £35.

This Cherry Blossom Doll’s House is reduced from £115 to £92.

  • Ride-on JCB Dumper Truck

This is one for the boys out there! A ride-on JCB Dumper Truck!

Ride-on JCB dumper truck

This can be found on the Smyths Toys website for £64.99.

  • Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island

As a fan of ThunderBirds, I would secretly buy this present for myself!


This toy allows you to recreate the launch sequence with your ThunderBirds vehicles accompanied by the iconic 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, countdown. It has over 50 lights, sounds and features, including the pool that slides back into the island, Brain’s lab and a communicator.

This can be found on the Argos website for £69.99.

I hope that has sparked some life into your present buying! Check back in a few weeks for more ideas!