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PlayCorn? What’s That?

We visit my wife’s nan and granddad’s house on a weekend so they can spend some time with Maisie and us. Every week, Barbara (my wife’s nan) has something new for Maisie to play with or a little surprise, bless her!

Well a couple of weeks ago, she had bought some PlayCorn! Myself and my wife had never heard of this before and asked what it was!

PlayCorn is a natural children’s craft material, which is 100% biodegradable. It’s made from maize and produced in an eco-friendly way, which does not harm the environment and doesn’t harm children.


Maisie started showing me how to play with it and i was amazed!

You have to dip each bit of corn into a sponge soaked with water and they will then stick to each other! This is great because all children have an amazing imagination, so they can make pretty much anything they want using PlayCorn!

Maybe a pirate ship, a unicorn or a castle:

PlayCorn Castle

Whatever a child is thinking of can be made!

Sets of PlayCorn can be bought from Amazon for around £20 which isn’t too bad! This is something that should definitely be on your Christmas list if you have children.

Well, even if you don’t have children it could still be on your list! I had great fun!