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Sun Holiday – Pontins

For our family holiday this year we want to Pontins in Brean.

It worked out at a really good price as we used the Sun’s ‘£9.50’ Holidays, money man Martin Lewis explains more about what this involves here - http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/sun-holidays.

It was the beginning of April, and the weather was absolutely amazing all week! We couldn’t have picked a better week.

There was lots of ice cream involved!

Ice Creamice cream 2

And plenty of playing on the park!


It was a great holiday, i always love spending time with my beautiful girls.

Maisie didn’t enjoy the beach very much, just like me really! I hate getting sand in between my toes, and it just gets EVERYWHERE!


The evenings were an ideal time for me and Rebeka to relax in the main hall. Maisie made a few friends and she was happy running around on the dance floor whilst we watched, bless!


There were a few games of crazy golf involved but Maisie didn’t really get the jist and kept putting the ball in the hole with her hands!

Crazy Golf

The arcade was great too! We must have spent a fortune in there, but i was determined to at least win something to show for our efforts. I was amazed that i actually won a Minion from one of the grabbers!


These types of holidays are the best for children as there’s always so much to do!

We went to Butlins last year and must say Pontins didn’t live up to my expectations, so i think another trip back to Butlins next year is in order!