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Tech Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

It’s always great discovering a hack that makes your life easier, there are a number of technology related hacks that i wanted to share with you!

  • Use Lego figurines to hold your cables and create a Lego Keychain
    • That you can hang on a Lego hook!

Lets face it, most parents will have some Lego around the house. May as well make use of it.


  • Turn the Volume Up

Need a sound system ASAP? Place your phone in a paper, plastic or glass cup for more volume!


  • Turn a Plastic Bottle Into a Charging Station

Tired of your messy phone cord getting in the way? Keep it where it belongs by making your own plastic-bottle charging station.


  • Make Your Own Earphone Holder

Tangled earphones, be gone! One brilliant idea: tie cords around a wooden spool.


  • Use a plastic bag to create your own in-flight viewing experience


  • Protect your charger cords using a pen spring

This nifty little hack will protect the wire and prevent it from bending and fraying!


I hope some of these little hacks will make your lives easier!