Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Lets face it, cooking can sometimes be a pain in the bum, especially if you don’t have the right utensils!

I came across a number of amazing kitchen gadgets you just need to buy, they will definitely make your life in the kitchen much easier!

  • Orange Peeler

You can find it on the Tesco website for £7.95.

  • Auto-Measuring Spice Carousel

Stop messing around with measuring spoons with The Auto-Measure Spice Carousel. It provides perfect 1/4tsp measurements, or you can just use the standard shake and pour openings!

This particular product can be found on Ebay at around £25. Similar versions can also be found at other stores.

  • Pouring Thingymajig

This contraption sits in your fridge and allows you to easily pour drinks with one finger!

This product can be found on Amazon at £97.

  • Alphabet Cake Pan

Baking birthday cakes just became easier than ever! Again, this can be found on the Amazon website at £63.

  • Magic Tap

Pouring made easy!

This can also be found on Ebay at around £9.

  • Cupcake Scoop

We’ve all had that issue of getting the mixture off the spoon, well now you needn’t worry!

Amazon have this product for £22.

  • Dripless Strainer

This can also be found on the Amazon website at £40.

That’s it for now folks, check back again in a few days for more amazing gadgets!