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Ways to Keep Warm This Winter!

The nights have drawn in and are becoming colder by the day!

That’s why I wanted to provide you with some ways to keep warm this winter.

Please find below a few ideas!

  1. Put a layer of tinfoil against the walls to reflect the heat back into the room. 
  2. After cooking, leave the oven door open. Take advantage of the heat while the cooker cools down!
  3. Stick your windshield wipers in the air and cover them with old socks. 
  4. Close unused rooms to help contain the heat in one area. It may seem like a simple sea but it will help!
  5. Waterproof your socks by putting a sandwich bag over them.
  6.  Keep a car mat nearby in case your tires need traction.

I hope some of these useful ideas will come in handy at some point!