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Nappy Overload!

So, it has been about a week and a half since the birth of our second Daughter, Evie Jane Williams!

To be honest, it has really flown by and I now only have 2 days left until I go back to work!

Evie has really settled down after a few restless nights during the first week. She is feeding much better and seems really content and happy!


Maisie (our 3 year old) is amazing with her little sister and can’t get enough cuddles and kisses!


There’s already been a huge amount of nappies, bibs, baby grows and vests dirtied and plenty more to come.

It’s amazing how much you forget, well after all it has been 3 years since we last had to feed a little baby every couple of hours!

My wife is doing really well but doesn’t want me to go back to work, bless her!

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more updates on baby Evie!