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Christmas Presents Galore!

So, I went online last week and bought the majority of our daughters Christmas presents!!!!!!!

Just thought I would share what we bought with fellow parents out there, maybe give you some inspiration.

  • PlayFoam – This stuff looks amazing and its NoMess Fun (yes, NO MESS!) Thought I would try some and see how Maisie gets on!


  • A Lost My Name Book – A magical, personalised story book! I saw this advertised online and had to get one!


  • Disney Princess Chair/Desk – Maisie is going to love this! Its a Disney princess chair/desk, can be used for all sorts of activities and it has a handy storage draw too!



  • A Handy Little Tray – The idea here is that Maisie can use this when playing with her Play-Doh and any other crafty things!


Amongst other things, these are some of the presents Santa will be bringing on Christmas day!