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Ways to Save Money

We all know being a parent isn’t cheap! I’m always grateful when i find a way to save money and thought i would provide a list of things you could try.

Ways to save money around the home….

  • Make a wall planner to keep track of your meal plans.
  • Don’t always throw something out because it’s passed it’s best before date.
  • Turn your heating down by 1 c – this could save up to £40 a year and make sure you turn your appliances to standby and save up to £76 a year.
  • Keep the kids entertained for free by making a bored jar.


Ways to save money when you’re out and about….

  • Learn how to drive efficiently to save money on fuel.
  • Have fun at home with the kids instead of spending money on days out.
  • If you’re off somewhere nice, make sure you pay as little as possible by checking any offers before you go.

Ways to save money on shopping….

  • Use eBay/Amazon more to buy things.
  • Make the most of store loyalty cards.
  • Reduce food waste.
  • Use cash back websites whenever you make a purchase online.
  • Consider own-brand goods.
  • Buy clothes and presents in the sales.


Other ways to save money….

  • Sell any old mobile phones.
  • Sell your clutter on eBay
  • Make sure you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to.
  • Save your spare change

Let me know of any other ways you save money!