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Baby Sleeping Tricks

Getting a baby to sleep can sometimes be challenging to say the least! The last thing you want is a whole bunch of complicated instructions to read through when your already exhausted!

I thought I’d share some quick fire things to try with your baby!

  • Install blackout curtains underneath the pretty nursery curtains.
  • Sing a repetitive lullaby softly. Something where you can insert your baby’s name. (Babies LOVE to hear their name repeated over and over.)
  • Make sure her nose isn’t stuffy. If it is, use some gentle salt-water nose drops
  • Experiment with different clothing fibers for babies with sensitive skin. A simple switch from 100% polyester to 100% cotton could make all the difference.
  • Do any nighttime feedings or nappy changes in as close to pitch-black as humanly possible. The key here is to keep her brain in “semi-sleep” mode.
  • Practice infant massage.
  • Avoid eye contact at night.
  • Learn to swaddle your newborn (Newborns snooze better when swaddled.)
  • Use dimmers on the nursery lights, to help communicate “quietness” in the room at night.
  • Vacuum the house. Some babies find the noise soothing.
  • Use the Sleep Sheep, as detailed in a previous post – here.


Thanks all! Check back for some more tips soon.