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Useful Gifts for New Parents

Not sure what gift to buy when a relative or friend becomes a parent?

Well, here is a list of things that are really useful for new parents to give you some inspiration!

  • Soothe Shirt – This product will provide a stylish way to keep mom and baby comfortable when venturing out!


  • Sleep Sheep – This ultimate sleep-aid will detect your baby’s movement and play soothing sounds to lull them back to sleep!



  • An ‘Oh Crap Bag’ – Find any kind of baby changing bag and fill it with nappies, babygrows, vests, wipes, just everything baby related. Then give this bag as a gift and inform the recipenint to keep this bag in their car. If there out and about and forget to put something in, they will always have the ‘Oh Crap Bag’!


  • A Pushchair Hand Warmer – Pushing a pram or pushchair in winter can result in very very cold hands! This product will put an end to that.



  • Blooming Bath Baby Bath – Turn any sink into a comfortable baby bath. Brilliant!



Thanks for reading folks! Come back soon for more great ideas and tips!