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Christmas Break

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, I certainly did!!

Maisie was 3 in July so this was the first year she was really excited for Santa. Maisie opened her Christmas Eve box which she loved, it contained a number of important items that we needed to leave for Santa and his reindeer!


After Maisie went to bed, we set about placing the presents in the living room ready for the morning.


Christmas morning came and my wife and I were up before Maisie was, we ended up waking her up!!

We walked into the living room and her face was a picture!! We were so pleased she was happy that Santa had been :).

We got on with opening the presents and she absolutely loved every minute of it. Also, Santa made a little visit with some extra special presents!!!


After all the fun we had playing with her new toys, we went to Nanny Barb’s house for a turkey dinner!


All in all we had a great Christmas day!!!!!!!