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Boxing Day

This year we visited my mom and dad for Boxing Day.

They put on a buffet for the whole family which was amazing, as always! Evie was dressed in a new Santa outfit she had for Christmas and Maisie had a beautiful dress on.



We spent the day playing and having fun with Maisie’s new toys that Santa had bought for her.

Each year we have a games night at my mom and dad’s and this year was no exception. We put Maisie to bed at 7 and set about getting ready for lots of fun and games.

We split up into 3 teams (me and my wife were one team, we won last year!!). My brother had set out a list of games we would be playing and how the scoring works.

The best round was the Mr & Mr’s game which was great fun (whenever this is on TV we always play along!). My brother and his girlfriend Jenny won this year round :).

We all really enjoyed spending quality time with together as a family on boxing day!!