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What Is TV’s Next Big Thing?

No matter what industry you are in, it is always important to know what is coming next. Knowing what the “next big thing” is can make a massive difference to your future success. Some people have a knack for judging what is coming next and of course, some people have a role in influencing what is coming next. However, for the vast majority of professionals working in an industry, it can be very difficult to know what is coming next or what will shape your future.

This is why companies, businesses and individuals have to work hard in developing an understanding of what is going to happen next. In some cases, it may be possible to look back at previous years, and pick out a trend. For other industries, it may be possible to look back at previous years and then decide that the exact opposite is going to happen. Some industries repeat themselves and some industries take a different turn. Knowing your industry is a crucial component in trying to second guess what will come next.


Can you predict the future?

Of course, some industries are more difficult to predict than others and this is where it can be hugely important to find out what the key people and players in your industry are thinking. This is why so many people flock to conferences and major industry events. These events will often provide an insight into what is coming next and what the big trends are going to be. While the information presented at these events will find their way into the public domain, they are mainly for industry specialists and people who hold a specific interest in what is going to happen next in their industry. When it comes to industries where knowing the future is crucial, you’ll find that TV is one of the biggest and the best.

If you are looking to place TV shows on your channel or you want to know what sort of shows to make for the next year or years, you need to know what the trends are. Knowing what people are likely to watch can make all the difference when it comes to drawing in viewers and ensuring you receive a considerable level of advertising money. If you make the wrong call in what shows people want to see, people will turn off, advertisers will turn away and you are likely to find yourself in a whole heap of trouble.

See what the experts think

This is why attending a major conference where the future of TV is likely to be outlined is of great benefit to people working in the TV industry. This is why the MIPCOM event, held every year in Cannes is so vital for people working in the television industry. This style of event will provide people with a chance to network and meet people who can be of benefit to them, but it is also a tremendous way for people to learn about the forthcoming trends in the TV industry.

There is a real opportunity to find the best new shows and make sure that they are on your network. There is also a chance to see what sort of shows the big networks and stars are going to be using, which should allow for complimentary shows to be made. So much of TV is about finding a formula that works and then adapting it in different ways. It can be argued that the real sense of creativity is lost in modern TV, which isn’t quite true, but it is definitely the case for mainstream providers who are focused on earning advertising revenue.

If you are able to take risks, you don’t need to focus on the key trends or what is expected to be in fashion in the year or two. However, if your job and the jobs of many people are dependent on pleasing advertisers, it is vital that you give yourself the best chance of creating or finding content that people will want to watch.

This is why arranging a trip to Cannes for the MIPCOM event is such a good idea. It is never a bad idea to visit Cannes, with its stylish location, great accommodation and restaurants, bars and clubs but when it comes to developing your career and finding the next big thing, a major industry conference can make all the difference.

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