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Creating a Garden Oasis

Sometimes you want your own personal paradise, a place in your home where you can go to completely relax and unwind – you have a few options. Creating a den for yourself in a spare room, blockading yourself into the sitting room and banning access to those who would disturb you, or creating a retreat somewhere a little more open. Personally – I like the latter; nothing beats a garden paradise just for you, so long as you have the space for it, and you don’t even need a particularly big garden – just one that you enjoy spending time in.

Garden Oasis

Now; start with what you’re going to need in this private paradise of yours. Consider it a space just for you – are you going to read? Write? Paint? The choice is yours, but for a majority of your activities you’re going to want some shelter, because a garden is outdoors and the outdoors are susceptible to the weather. You have a few options available regarding what you select as your shelter when working with a garden environment;

A shed. If you already have a shed then the process of converting it into an enjoyable space for your choice of activities is a considerably more basic one – or at least that is the case if you have a shed that is not currently in use. Of course if you have space for a shed or conservatory but don’t yet have one then the shed is a considerably cheaper option, given that you can simply purchase it and put it up yourself without too much effort.

A conservatory / orangery. These are considerably larger and of course because they are essentially a home extension they do attach to your house. There are a number more considerations to take into account if you’re planning to build a conservatory or orangery, for starters they can cost a considerable amount, they do require more space, they take more time to build and most importantly you may need planning permission in order to build one onto your house. Though it is worth noting that they can be beneficial, lasting longer, increasing the size of your property and increasing the value of your home.

A garden awning. If you’re a little short on garden space but still want to make use of what is available then a garden awning might be the ideal solution for your needs. There are a number of options available to you – you can select an awning that attaches to the side of the house, one that stands on its own in the middle of the garden, one that just overhangs or one that can be pulled out and retracted to suit your needs at the time. These vary considerably in price, but provide an excellent solution for someone without space for an outdoor structure who still wants to make use of their garden – of course this won’t offer much shelter from the cold or wind, but does provide good shelter from the rain or a source of shade.

With protection from bad weather you’re free to use your garden as you please – so you can get to work turning it into an environment you love being in. Of course we don’t want to work too hard to keep our beautiful space looking beautiful, so avoid lawns in favour of patios (easier to maintain, and you won’t run the risk of getting muddy when you’re outside) – of course some might choose to offer a patio space as well as a lawn space, particularly those with a little more garden space to work with.

There are a number of things to consider when you’re creating the ideal paradise for yourself, which includes;

Privacy. You want to be sure that you aren’t disturbed while you’re relaxing in your private oasis, so ensuring you have privacy is one of the essential factors. There are a number of ways you can assure that you have privacy; curtains – particularly easy for sheds and conservatories, curtains help you to block out the rest of the world and enjoy your space. Hedges – I love a good hedge, a big, thick, green wall of the garden, bristling with life and making me feel completely alone and encased in my garden, they’re fantastic. Not only to hedges give you an attractive option for privacy, but they help to bring birds into your garden, and are an easy to maintain and care for option of greenery in your garden. Though of course if you’re looking for something simple and effective you can’t beat a good old ‘keep out’ sign – this provides an attractive focal point of your shed door or garden gate. Of course common options also include walls and tall fences.

Plant life. You want to be sure you have the right plant life for your garden, because of course the flowers and plants you use provide the decoration for your new oasis, but you don’t want to overdo it. Consider the space available, come up with a few ideas as to how that space can be used. Consider raised beds, which will provide you with easier access and can offer a beautiful partition for areas of your garden.

Furniture. It’s only natural that you would want to find the perfect furniture to suit your little paradise. However; when it comes to outdoor furniture there are considerations you’ll need to make that are a little different from those you would usually have to take into account – such as how long they’ll last in an outdoor environment, what sort of maintenance and care they need, and of course whether or not you have somewhere else to put them if you suddenly need them out of the way. Consider carefully before investing in furniture – sometimes something cheap and easy is the way to go; personally I prefer a big old beanbag, so be sure to find something you are happy to relax on during your free time in your newfound personal space.


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