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Can Children’s Toys Affect Their Future Career?

Toys play a key part of development during childhood. From an early age, they help kids explore, and make sense of the world around them. When kids play they engage their cognitive and motor functions. Play becomes something familiar, and a way to learn, and develop skills. And because different toys require different skills, kids’ favorite toys give insight into their future careers.

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Their cherished possession will give them pleasure, and represent their interests. Their favorite toy will bring a smile to their face, influencing their personality, and their future career choice.

Making the Connection

How you play as a child can say a lot about your future occupation. Kids use play to act out their fantasies. By displaying their desires, they express behavior that can be associated with certain careers. Playing with Lego’s, or crayons may not necessarily lead to a career in architecture, and painting. What it does mean though, is that they enjoy using skills that are required for those toys.

Toys can be a window into their future, and indicate what they want from their future job. Realizing this, parents will have insight into their kids’ interests, and make the connection between toy and their career.

Providing Choice in Toys and Career

Before knowing their favorites, kids need to experience a variety of toys. As with their future career, exploring each possibility allows kids to discover what they enjoy. Going cheap, like looking for affordable toys on SWAP, will provide your kids with choice.

Encouraging diversity lets children find the perfect match for their affiliations. Different toys will help kids develop different skills. While parents will know their child’s preferences, and use it to inspire relevant career choices.

Toy’s Negative Impact on Career Choice

But not all toys have the desired positive influence on kids’ development. Parents need to be aware of how stereotypical toys have an effect on gender inequality. These can trigger negative feelings in both boys and girls towards certain occupations. By viewing a profession as typically male, or female, kids will be discourages kids to follow it.

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To resolve this problem give kids gender neutral toys, or just let them share. Without limitations, both boys and girls will have an equal opportunity to find their dream career.

Creativity at Work

Some toys spark imagination, and help creativity to blossom. Crayons, play-dough, arts and crafts projects, all bring to life kids’ original ideas. Kids who play this way, often develop a keen eye for esthetics, and show interest in visual beauty. Still, toys like puzzles, Lego’s, and problem-solving games, improve creative thinking.

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Faced with a challenge, kids learn to apply imagination in finding innovative solutions. Applying innovation into play, will give kids a greater sense of accomplishment. Later, creativity will be a deciding factor when they have to decide on a career choice.

Developing Empathy for the Future Workplace

Kids who play with dolls, and stuffed animals, tend to develop high empathy. By connecting with toys, they raise their levels of compassion. Eventually, they will transfer their emotional involvement with toys onto people.

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Enjoying their role as caregiver, means they are likely to become doctors, veterinarians, teachers, and humanitarians. Even if they don’t end up choosing a career in public service, they will transmit their empathy onto the work place. By doing so, they will become better co-workers, sympathetic bosses, and overall better people.

In the end it is not a child’s favorite toy that will determine its career choice. It is what kids enjoy when playing with it, they will want to transfer onto their dream job. And when work becomes play, you can be sure toys influenced their career choice.

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