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Half Term Fun!

It was half term last week and I booked a couple of days off work so i could spend some time with my daughters and beautiful wife.

I took Maisie (our eldest) swimming and she absolutely loved it! The previous times we have been, she wouldn’t let go of me but I managed to get her kicking her legs and moving her arms (even though i was holding her up :)).

We also spent longer in the pool than we have ever before, she didn’t want to get out. I even had to bride her with some chocolate from the vending machine!


After I managed to coax her out of the pool, we got some chocolate and headed for the park! I didn’t have to bride her away from the park because it was FREEZING and Maisie wanted some lunch!

Mention the word ‘MacDonalds’ and she goes crazy (like most kids i can imagine). As we don’t go very often it’s a nice treat for her!

Evie was sporting a onsie that a family friend bought us which she looked adorable in!


What did you get up to in the school holidays?