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Open Plan Kitchen Designs

If you’re planning on creating a new open plan kitchen, you’ll already know that there are many factors to consider, including utility, light and decor. In this post we take a look at the various options you consider before deciding on how to make the most of your space.

How will you use the room?

For some people an open plan kitchen is just that – a kitchen. For others, they want to make a more inclusive living zone for the house, perhaps including a dining table or even a sofa and TV.

If you’re planning to go for the former option and dedicate your kitchen to cooking and eating, then there are still many things to consider. Are you going to have a dining table or breakfast bar – or perhaps both? Kitchen islands also work very well to divide space in a large room, whilst also offering more storage space and surface areas to work from.

These days a huge range of options are available when designing kitchens, ensuring you get the best use of your space.

Consider, for example, power points built into your breakfast bar or kitchen island. This means this space can double as a hand office while dinner is cooking! It may also be worth considering the option of creating a dedicated larder cupboard or utility room from your open-plan space, as this will ensure you can keep clutter in the main room to a minimum.

Larder cupboards are in vogue at the moment; websites like Pinterest will attest to the popularity of creating attractive and practical storage areas – this all ties into the fashion for everything vintage!


A living space?

Maybe you have bigger plans for your kitchen and want to create more of a living space than an area solely for food. Young families might find this especially appealing, as a table or TV in the kitchen means that you can keep an eye on children while you cook.

This equally applies to those who enjoy socialising, as you can chat to your dinner party guests while you cook. If you plan a multi-purpose room like this, then why not think about zoning? This involves the clever use of colour to create separate areas within a large room.

For example, you might have one colour on the walls in your kitchen area, and another in your sofa area. This breaks up a large space really well, as does the clever arrangement of furniture so it doesn’t all run along walls.


Creating a large room can bring maximum light into your home, as some rooms can get very dark if you don’t go open plan – especially after having an extension.

Think carefully about windows and lighting, to ensure you’re not left with any dark spaces. Glass roofs can be especially useful here, creating a stylish and eye-catching source of light. Similarly, your choice of decoration will also accentuate light if this is a problem in part of the room – think light colours on the walls and clever use of mirrors and lamps.

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