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Motherbear’s Birthday <3

So, it was my mom’s birthday yesterday and it was the big 50th!

She went on a week long cruise with my dad and their best friends Rob and Joy, and had an absolutely amazing time!! Here are a couple of photo’s:

My mom also did a lot of firsts… snorkeling, swimming with turtles and waterfall swimming! I’m a bit jealous to be honest!

We also went out for a family meal at Weston Hall last Sunday which was really enjoyable. The food was great and the venue was amazing, but nothing beats spending time with the family on a special birthday occasion. (I would recommend Weston Hall for any special occasions, it was great!)


My mom is still looking great at 50!! Happy birthday mom, here’s to many more prosperous years.

As a side note, my mom is known for taking MILLIONS of photo’s on holiday and we are yet to see any of them! That’s our Sunday morning sorted 🙂