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Consider Teaching These 4 Healthy Habits to Your Child

Raising a child is more than just tending to their basic physical, intellectual, and emotional needs and having fun together now and again: it is a lifelong commitment in which attention, care, and teaching are of paramount importance. Kids replicate what they see and hear, and the lessons that stay with them are the ones taught by example, as well as those backed by immediate reward. If you want your child to grow into a happy, independent adult, you need to plant healthy seeds early on.

Here are four great healthy habits which you should include in your child’s life curriculum.

Eating for Health

Childhood is when adulthood eating patterns begin to form, and parental failure to lay down proper dietary habits for kids can have long-term effects. Children often avoid greens such as broccoli, peas, and lentils, but these foods contain vital nutrients (carbs, protein, and fiber) necessary for normal physiological functioning. Do not let your picky eater get up from the table without having a balanced meal first! Improper diet often triggers hunger and cravings which most kids satiate by extra portions of desserts and candies.

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If the child has an allergic reaction to certain foods, you can leave them out from their plate, but dietary likes and dislikes are not an excuse for them to skip veggies, stews, or dairy products. Lack of dietary balance often exhibits itself through various health issues later in life such as diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders, and osteoporosis. In case your child suffers from chronic vitamin or mineral deficiency, most physicians recommend using over-the-counter supplements such as Vitamin C, B complex vitamins and calcium supplements.

An Active Life is a Happy Life

Regular exercise is another healthy habit you as the parent are supposed to incorporate into your child’s life. Unfortunately, the 21st-century fast-paced technological development is not making this task easy for parents: according to recent surveys, screen addiction is already taking a heavy toll on the youngest. This is all the more reason to grab your child by the hand and head out for a walk in the park, go biking, swimming, tennis, soccer, or rollerblading session, or engage in another physical activity suited to your child’s age and fitness level.

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An active lifestyle is an asset for good health and positive mood through adult years, and its roots inevitably trace back to childhood family time.

Sleep is Important, Too

Proper rest is essential to maintaining peak mental and physical energy at daytime, and it is up to you to teach your kids that sleep is important and should not be cut short over a late-night TV show or PC game. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that kids aged 3-5 should get 11-13 hours of nightly shuteye, while children aged 5-12 years need 10-11 hours of sleep, and teens need 8.5-9.5 hours of rest to stay healthy, focused, and energetic.

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Stay on the Positive Side

Last but not the least, childhood is a time for play, learning, and fun, so do not let your personal concerns flow onto your child or affect your relationship. Let your child be what it is supposed to be a carefree growing person who deserves love, attention, and care. Teach your child about nutrition, compassion, sharing, responsibility, problem-solving, and healthy living as you go, but do not turn them into worrymongers from an early age.

A positive attitude and self-confidence are the most valuable qualities that will get your children far in life, and healthy habits, hard work, and determination are the other part of the winning formula.

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Be very careful about the role model you are setting for your child: invest your time and energy into your child’s upbringing, and practice what you preach whenever possible so that the lessons would stick. Every bit of your effort will be repaid as your child grows into a happy and healthy individual.

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