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Quiet and Relaxing Dreamy Vacation for Your Loved Ones

When you are travelling with children it is not an easy task to find the ideal place where you will feel both safe and comfortable whereas exploring picturesque sights. Unlike other holiday spots, New Caledonia is ideal for families with children. With sun-kissed sandy beaches where you can go swimming, snorkelling or just enjoying the sun and having a picnic, your kids will be entertained and satisfied during a holiday they will never forget.

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The French Food in the Heart of the Pacific

The enchanting spirit of France is prevailing and you are most likely to feel like being somewhere at French Riviera while unwinding at the Paris of the Pacific as New Caledonia is often called. While your children enjoy the unsurpassed beaches you can taste some of the delicacies like French wine, baguette and the delicious cheese. Visit Le Marché with the kids and explore the organic products and taste them as you hear musicians play vivid tunes and create the jolly atmosphere.

Meet the Locals

The people living in New Caledonia are famous for their hospitality. Due to their exciting history and the influence of the French whose overseas territory this has been since 1956 you are bound to be thrilled once you hear the locals speaking French fluently. Not only do they speak their own languages, their French is impeccable. But, fear not, if you speak only English.

Although they are not like natives, you can easily communicate with them as they are really friendly. They will invite you to some of their traditional activities such as making arts and crafts and dancing. The kids will absolutely love this and the locals will engage them in drawing activities and teach them how to dance. It is the perfect experience for them as you will offer them an opportunity to improve their social skills, learn more about the history and different cultures.

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Beaches to Visit

When deciding which beaches to visit think about the ones which have sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. But do not neglect the fact that it is good to have a lifeguard around when you are travelling with kids. A good thing to do is check out New Caledonia packages which are specially catered to the needs of families travelling with children and you will not have to worry about finding a place that meets your requirements.

If you are visiting Noumea you should visit Anse Vata to be amazed by the wonderful beach. It is great for a day trip when you can host a picnic and unwind with your family members. However, bear in mind that there might be some strong winds and you will have to chase after the children and not let them get into the waters.

Baie des Citrons beach is ideal for children. It is busy but not noisy, there is a lot of shade and protection against the prevailing winds so nothing can ruin your peaceful holiday. There are lifeguards from 09:30 to 17:30 during the workweek and weekend too so do not worry about the safety.

Port Vila is wonderful for having an active holiday with your children. The possibilities are endless, you can go snorkelling, swimming, jet skiing – whatever they feel up to. This is the place where they cannot get bored.

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Activities to Try

Most children love snorkelling but what they will like even more is a snorkelling adventure! Hideaway Island offers activity of posting a letter in an underwater post office and children are absolutely mad about it.

If your children are feeling like having a bit of a challenge, go for Mele Cascades where they will be both swimming and climbing. One thing is sure, once you bring them back to hotel they will fall fast asleep.

Give your children the unique opportunity to learn more about geography and let them see a real live volcano – Mt Yasur. It will be the most interesting thing they have ever seen.

Cultural Events

Luckily, locals will soon invite you and your kids to go dancing. Rom Dance is something you need to experience as the locals love it and they dance and sing all the time. So will you!

During June there is a Cheese festival you do not want to miss. Try the local and French specialties and let your children have fun while learning about different kinds of cheese.

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August is the time where South Pacific Games are held. Your family members will love seeing a variety of sports, from football and karate to surfing. You can cheer and have a lot of fun watching!

There is no better place to have a perfect holiday with your children than New Caledonia. The place offers some great food, perfect safe beaches, hospitable locals and interesting cultural events. Book your flight as soon as you can!

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