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How To Creatively Utilize Twitter To Promote Your Ebook

Twitter has been nothing short of a cultural phenomenon.

While social media had been around for awhile by the time it was launched, the microblogging site was a new style of platform that changed the overall landscape of online communication in a big way.

One of the best ways to use Twitter creatively is as a promotional tool. If you are launching an ebook it will provide the perfect starting point for building hype and targeting a wider audience.

The open nature and live updating algorithm makes it uniquely suited to the task in a way that other social networks aren’t.

Here are four ways that you can use Twitter to effectively market your ebook both before and after your launch.

Connect With Social Media Influencers

Influencers are on every site. But Twitter lets you engage with them more directly, and improve your chances of being retweeted, favorited and shared. Unlike many other networks, Twitter is likely to be manned by the actual influencer themselves, and they commonly take part in discussions using this rapid fire tool.

Try building a relationship in the weeks and months with your industry’s influencers. Offer them a free copy in exchange for promotion or honest reviews. Share their content in return, so they see the relationship is mutually beneficial.

Use Buffer to Keep The News Coming

Buffer connects to a number of networks, so you can schedule tweets, FB posts, G+ posts, and more. Over the last year they have added more compatible sites, and the features are super easy to use.

You can break up your posts to remind people of the ebook launch date, take sections out of the book as a quote, or link to your blog on a regular basis through the day. You specify how often and what times you want it done, and can drag and drop to reorganize posts as you choose.

Brand a Hashtag

Everyone should be using branded hashtags to promote their products, no matter what that hashtag is. Make sure that whatever tag you use is easy to remember and type, related to your ebook title or some keyword within it, hasn’t been used for anything else, and isn’t too long.

Then go to a database such as Hashtags.org or Hashtagify.me. You will be able to claim the tag officially. From there, just use it on every related post. Announce it on your blog, and do all you can to connect it to the ebook. You may even put in a section within the ebook itself that announces the tag for later discussion.

Trade Links On Viral Content Buzz

Vital Content Buzz is a social media sharing community. The idea is to build buzz through mutually beneficial sharing on all social media sites. It is a powerful form of marketing that makes it a lot easier to find influencers eager to share out your content.

Recently they have been expanding their supported networks, so you can create a full social media strategy using this tool for sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stumbleupon.  It is free traffic and social visibility for your ebook.

Do you have an idea for creatively using Twitter to promote an ebook? We would love to hear about it… share in the comments below!

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