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Metal Garden Furniture Can Outlive Wood And Rattan

Strong, varied, and attractive, metal garden furniture is an excellent choice for any situation. Whether you are looking for furniture for your patio or your lawn, you can find the perfect furniture to work aesthetically, and the right kind of metal to match your needs.


Whether pure metal furniture, or a mixture of metal and other materials, it’s highly likely that you will find the right style for exactly what you want.

Advantages of metal

A tough material, it takes very little treatment to ensure that metal garden furniture lasts a long time. Unlike wood and rattan which can fade and weaken over time, well treated metal can sustain most, if not all natural factors.

As long as you clean your furniture regularly (using either the manufacturer or supplier’s instructions, or warm water and mild detergent if there are none), touch up any chips using basic car paints, and cover your furniture out of season, then your furniture will be good.

Types of metal

There are a number of kinds of metal that are popular for garden furniture. One of the most used is aluminium, which is strong enough to handle the elements, but lightweight enough to be easily moved around. A downside to aluminium is that the material can heat up if the temperature is particularly warm, but this is easily resolved with a stylish cushion or two.

Patinated zinc is also widely used, and loved for its unique, industrial look that ages beautifully, making your furniture more attractive the older it gets. Another tough material, patinated zinc can last for as long as you need it to.

If your garden sees a lot of wind, wrought iron is the material for you, as the heavy material will withstand the gales. Obviously this has its negatives, with the furniture being unsuitable for lawns as it may dig in, and being difficult to move.

If wrought iron is too heavy, and aluminium too light, then steel furniture can make for a good choice of middle ground. Steel furniture, like wrought iron, will often come with a protective coating to counteract rusting. Due to its rusting ability, steel is normally cheaper than aluminium.

Style choices

If you are looking for that sleek, elegant, modern style, then metal only furniture is the way to go. Designs and patterning vary a great deal, so you are likely to find something that is exactly what you were looking for, if not even better.

If you want a more chic, less minimalist design to your garden furniture, then you can invest in furniture that incorporates metal along with other materials, teak is a popular choice for this, often used in conjunction with aluminium for the perfect sophisticated look.

Metal can be painted any colour, so why not make a statement? Rather than sticking to the standard black or white painted furniture, brighten up your garden with blue furniture adorned with colourful cushions.

Wood and rattan may still feel like the conventional modern choices for garden furniture, but with durability, style, and variety, metal is often an excellent alternative choice to make your garden look perfect.

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