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6 Tips To Make Spring Cleaning Your House Fun

Spring is coming and as the sun starts shining through your windows you know that all of the dirt from the winter will be fully visible again. There is no doubt that you have to make a spring cleaning of your house, but how do you turn something boring such as spring cleaning into something fun?

Turning spring cleaning into a fun activity

Some families have a household employee who takes care of the house while you are at work. If you do not have anyone to help you with private cleaning, and sees the job as something you want done as quickly as possible, you should follow these 6 tips to make cleaning fun.

Spring Cleaning

1. Make cleaning for a competition

Write your cleaning times down from the previous week and try to beat your record time during cleaning this week. If you are a competitive person and accept the challenge, it may be a good way to keep you motivated. By challenging your children, you will not only get help with cleaning, but it will be over much faster. Make sure to give them a nice prize once you are done!

2. Involve the whole family

In a modern world, cleaning the house is not only a mother’s job. Each family member should participate. Include your children in cleaning. That way, you will not only get help with the task, but you can have fun with the whole family. A good tip is also to turn up the music and dance a little while you are cleaning.

3. Use your trash can to play basketball

If you want to include the whole family, it is a good idea to collect different containers in the house and play basketball with old things to be thrown away. The person that scores the most points wins in the end.

4. Go outside

Cleaning is mostly related to tasks inside your house, but as soon as the spring arrives, many activities can be moved outside. Hang your clothes outside instead of in the basement. Brush your shoes outside in the sunshine or style your outdoor terrace or balcony. Try to get all members of the family to help with the outside of the house and the garden, thus making it an enjoyable experience for all of you together.

5. Wash the floor with your feet

Want to try something different? Take off your socks and shoes and attach a piece of cloth to your feet. Now try to run around and wash the floor with your feet! Again, it is more fun if you include the whole family. That way, it will also be faster to clean all of the floors.

6. Turn up the music

The best tip for enjoying spring cleaning is to put on a piece of your favourite music or put on your family’s favourite movie that you can watch and listen to in the background. Put some music or a movie on when you e.g. iron the laundry or wash the floors. Music also has the advantage that it can cause you work faster and better, but it also makes your happier.

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Now with these tips there is no excuse for not having fun while spring cleaning anymore. Do you have any tips for having fun while cleaning that you want to share? Please feel free to let us know in the comments.