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Meoded Textured White Paints and Décor for Walls

White is a fresh colour and the best-selling colour of all time but many think of a white wall as plain and unimaginative.  Meoded has an answer for that and has created lines of speciality textured paints and 3D walls that add a touch of elegance to any room without overpowering it.

3D_Wall Panels_Meoded_2

The reason why white is so popular is that it compliments many colour styles and designs. For those that like or need to change a room, this creates a blank canvas that can be filled in with whatever is in a particular person’s treasure trove.   White is great idea but adding textures adds value to any property without breaking the bank.


The outward appearance is the first thing that catches the general interest of people. Nothing attracts more visitors to a home like a tastefully crafted and eye-pleasing design.  When it comes to speciality wall paint and decoration, no one does it better than Meoded Paint and Plaster.  Let’s explore the possibilities.

Meoded Cassiopeia

Meoded Cassiopeia is clear polycarbonate flakes sprayed over a heavy-bodied acrylic base. The Cassiopeia system is composed of Cassio-Base which serves as the bonding agent, and a mixture of clear polycarbonate flakes and coloured glitters which are sprayed over it. Meoded Cassiopeia finish is available in any colour and offers an innovative effect which creates an illusion of space, light and colours.


Meoded Pearlas Velvet

Meoded Pearlas Velvet is designed to be an elegant very rich looking finish.  It is a Low VOC decorative finish for interior use that produces a textured suede finish. The paint changes colour depending on which way you apply it. Walls should be prepared for the Velvet Undercoat which is necessary because it needs to absorb into the surface to create the desired effect. Meoded Pearlas Velvet is designed to be applied interior over existing walls or new prepared drywall.For new drywall your walls should be first prepared with a drywall sealer primer. Then apply an even coat of Velvet Base and let dry 4 to 6 hours.

Pearlas Velvet Whie Mix

Meoded Crystal Brush

Meoded Crystal Brush is a glitter paint which makes interior surfaces glisten and sparkle, giving your walls a contemporary look unmatched by any other paint. Easy to use, Crystal Brush will add a unique decorative flare to your space with just the swish of a brush.

The advanced Low VOC water-based formula of Crystal Brush utilizes fine glitters, producing a durable, lightly textured decorative finish which is ideal for elegant living and dining rooms, foyers, theatres, commercial and retail spaces.

Another great use for Crystal Brush is in kids’ rooms, with bold and vibrant colours transforming their space into a fun and magical place to play and imagine. The distinct look of twinkling glitter from Crystal Brush will be both subtle to bold and dark and light, depending on light and the angle from which the surface is viewed.


 Meoded 3D Walls

Transform any ordinary wall into a unique and stylish space with Meoded decorative 3D wall Panels. Whether decorating an entire room, or accenting a small area, these pattern carved surface panels
create an instant designer look at a relatively low cost.

Adding the artistic element of an accent wall has never been easier. We offer a wide array of panel design options, from vintage to ultra-modern to embolden your wall. And of course, applying Meoded speciality paint products to our panels only adds to the elegance and beauty of your project.

Our lightweight panels are quick and easy to install using scissors, or a utility
knife. Each panel can be installed with either a polyurethane construction adhesive, or two-sided backing tape. Installation is easy, simply clean the surface you are applying panel to, plan and measure your design, apply glue and panels on wall, prime panels, fill gaps with caulking, sand and finish with paint or plaster.


Meoded 3D wall panels offer a distinct and dramatic look to transform an entire room into an artistic design statement. To learn more about Meoded Decorative wall finishes visit http://meodedpaint.com.