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5 Tips for Single Dads with Daughters

Being a single parent can be very taxing. You have the added responsibility of playing both the roles of a father and a mother. Paying attention to your children matters.

When it comes to fathers with daughters, they have to face unique challenges in their daughters’ upbringing. They have to be as kind and attentive as a mother, along with being strong and loving as a father.

Below are a few tips to help single fathers like you, struggling with the challenges of raising a daughter on their own.

Single Dads

1. Project a Female Role Model

You can’t do everything alone, no matter how well you think you can. It’s imperative that your daughter has a female mentor to admire. It may not have to be a mother. It can be anyone from your family like a grandmother, an aunt,or even your daughter’s friend’s mother.

By witnessing strong women in her life, it will shape your daughter’s character and might be crucial for her success. She needs to see other strong women in her life to believe that she can be prosperous as well.

2. Self-Confidence and Independence

Not being overprotective can be hard, but try not to lean in too much. Your daughter must learn to solve her problems. It will boost her confidence in her skills. Let her struggle in some places. If you’re too overprotective, it might cause her to rebel or try to prove herself to you in some way.

There’s nothing wrong with helping her every once in a while, but try to teach her self-reliance. Let her be responsible for things like going to the mechanic and getting the car fixed. It will teach her that she does not need someone to rescue her all the time.

3. Beauty, Brawny & Brainy

Teach her that she does not have to rely only on her beauty to get on in life just because she’s a girl. Do that by complimenting her every once in a while not just about her beauty, but also about her intelligence and courage.

She needs to know that her personality also matters. Fuel her desires to have a strong imagination, resourcefulness, strength, intellect as well as looks.

4. Understanding of her Adolescence

Your daughter going through puberty will no doubt be an incredible emotional challenge for you. Instead of beating around the bush, you must be completely honest with her about such issues. There will be awkwardness, but you’ll have to let it slide if you hope to have good understanding and communication with your daughter.

Educate yourself on such issues and learn to handle them. It’s important to understand what your daughter is going through and be a part of her life. Teach her to have power over her body.

If it’s too much for you to handle, you can always let her female mentor take the reins and guide her through this challenging period.

5. Create a Good Impression about Women

You being you daughter’s sole guide growing up, there’s a good chance she’ll adopt your way of thinking. Your opinions will be important and so will your language.

Teach her how girls should not limit their expectations regarding their treatment. It will be your impression of women which will count and how you treat them.

Be very careful about what you say and speak only positive things, like the way you talk about women, positive or negative, will shape her opinions as well.


Being a single father, you should be as involved with your daughter as you would have if shewere a son. Support her athleticism or take her shopping; just make opportunities to spend as much time together as possible and try to be always supportive of her decisions.

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