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Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas For New Dads

Baby gifts are always interesting to pick, especially if your mother/father instinct has kicked in. There’s probably nothing as cute as that tiny lace dress or that miniature golf cap just waiting to be bought. Still, a baby gift isn’t the same thing as a gift for a new mother or father – these have to actually be directed to the parent, not the baby. That’s why ive put together some birthday gift ideas for new dads!

With the Father’s day just around the corner, you want to buy something cute, useful and wonderful for your favorite new dad, and remind him how awesome he really is!

When it comes to birthdays, If you’ve got no ideas about what that present may be, we’re listing out a few of our favorite choices, hoping they’ll be of help for your next present pick.

Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle / The Best New Dad Mug

Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle The Best New Dad Mug

When you are a new parent, getting enough sleep is almost mission impossible; that’s why, resorting to coffee for the staying-awake-kick is absolutely normal and expected. Get your favorite new dad a Coffee infusion bottle that will keep the coffee warm and at the immediate reach. He can fill the bottle at night (say, when he’s preparing the baby bottles), and just grab it on his way to work in the morning.

Coffee infusion bottles are travel-friendly; the dishwasher-safe design makes it dad-friendly, too. You can also get the new dad a “The Best New Dad” coffee mug to go with the coffee bottle. In addition, signing the name of his little daughter/son would be super cute!

Pillowtop Hammock

Pillowtop Hammock

Is there anything more peaceful than swinging in a hammock in the yard? Hardly. With the gorgeous weather out, sun-dappled trees, a light breeze on the skin, the new dad would be able to catch a quick snooze, sneak in a few pages of that long-forgotten book, or simply grab a cold drink and enjoy the moment. And once the little one is old enough to join him… it’s going to be a blast!

A Spa Day

Man receiving green mud mask from beautician

Man receiving green mud mask from beautician

No, spas aren’t for women only; booking a spa weekend for the new dad while at the same time offering to babysit for the little one while he’s getting his much needed massage, hair appointment and shave, the much needed swim, rich healthy lunch at the spa restaurant and a brief moment in the sun would be absolutely amazing! There’s probably no dad who would say “No” to something like this, especially if he is a first-time dad and still isn’t used to the overall parenthood craze.

New Clothes/Shopping


When there’s a new dad in town, for him – everything that doesn’t revolve around the baby needs get completely shunned aside, at least until the baby’s old enough to walk. This is why you should think about your dad’s needs and treat him with a shopping day or at least get him a tailored suit which he’ll absolutely fall in love with! Even if he gets perplexed as to why would he need a suit at this point when all of his clothes has vomit on it, make him realize he’ll need one soon enough! After all, everyone needs a quality piece of clothing in their closet as a joker. Right?

Quiet Headphones

Quiet Headphones

Once the baby’s finally asleep, he will want to have some time for himself and enjoy his favorite film or a little bit of music. Unfortunately, a parent with an infant around can’t really allow the luxury of having the TV/Computer/Radio on a volume higher than one or two, which is why he’ll really appreciate a pair of headphones that don’t leak sound.

Make sure the headphones you buy for him have the universal-fit jack that is compatible with all smartphones; also, go for the design that’s lightweight and promises hours of listening without feeling like his head is in a vice.

Well there you go, a few birthday gift ideas for a new dad to spark your imagination!