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Organise the Perfect Summer Birthday Party for your Kids

Children love to celebrate their birthdays with their friends and family. You want to throw best party  for them and give them everything they deserve. Well, organising a children’s birthday party can be very challenging. However, with a little planning you can organise a great party with minimal stress. Here are some tips to help you!

Kids Summer Birthday Party

Theme of the Party

Create a theme for your child’s birthday. You can take ideas from your little ones, ask them to suggest some themes for the party. It could be any character like Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, Batman, Frozen, Hello Kitty or any generic theme of princess or pirates. Then decorate the room according to the theme and its color. Ensure the cake also matches the theme.

Birthday Party Invitations

After selecting the theme make the invitations using the same character. You can send invitations to the guests by sending theme-mails about your child’s big day. But try to make your e-mails and invitations as attractive as you can.

Party Bags

Party bags aren’t a must if you don’t have enough budget. But remember that children love taking such things home from parties. Just be creative! Children will be thrilled no matter what they get. Ask your little one what he or she wants to put in bags. Include some sweets, pencils, erasers or any other items which make children happy!

Make Some Props

Children love using props and they will give you some incredible poses!


Now the question is, how you have planned to entertain them? Arrange some games like musical chair, simon says, races, spoon race, jumping. These types of games are the best ways to entertain your child as well as your child’s little friends. This will keep children engaged and they will enjoy the party for sure. And you’re lucky to have a summer born, you can also use your garden tand arrange a picnic for your child’s birthday celebration.

Time Limit

Arrange the time limit according to the children. One to one and a half hours party time is ideal for 2-3 year old’s as they get tired and restless very quickly. Children 4-5 years of age enjoy the party more, so for them 2-3 hours is long enough for the party.


Plan your child’s birthday party according to your budget. Just keep in mind how much you want to spend on their birthday. If you celebrated last year you should have an idea. Depending on your financial circumstances, set your budget. If you have a higher budget you can invite a face-painter or magicians, another great way to entertain the children.


After all the exciting entertainment you need to feed your guests. If you have chosen a theme then arrange the food according to this. Try and serve food that is stress free such as mini pizzas, a quick ten minutes in the oven and there done! Or you can make something at home such as tortilla roll-up lolli-pops, parmesan pitta crisp, tasty creamy yogurt dips, pizzas, jelly, cup-cakes, candy floss, sausages, pastry, chicken strips or tenders, nuggets, sandwiches, cheese rolls.

I hope these tips will come in useful when planning your children’s birthday party!

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