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Can’t Sleep? The 7 Surprising Sleep Benefits Of Wool

Many people have trouble sleeping so your not alone! But most of these people have never heard about wool.

It has some very surprising sleep benefits. If you only do one thing today, I recommend reading this brilliant infographic from The Wool Room. It will open your eyes to the world of wool and how it can be such a great sleep aid.

They also have a great range of wool bedding that you must try! I used to get really hot in bed even in winter so I decided to invest in a mattress topper to begin with and straight away It was clear that I wasn’t getting as hot during the night.

Next stage for me is to invest in the whole bedding solution to fully maximize my sleep! A new wool duvet is on top of my list!

Wool Room Sleep Benefits Infographic

This infographic was bought to you by Thewoolroom.com

1. It keeps you cool as it’s a natural breathable fibre!

2. It also keeps you warm! It’s a natural insulator.

3. It absorbs the sweat, drawing it away from your body.

4. It defeats dust mites!

5. It also blasts fungal sports, another nasty that makes you sneeze.

6. It’s naturally fire retardant, so it’s free from nasty chemicals.

7. It’s also naturally sustainable.

I hope you found this infographic useful, and learnt some interesting facts!