When Your Girl Is Big enough for Her Own She-Shed

They say that “Kids that aren’t yours grow so quickly”. In reality, they all grow quickly. But the beauty of being a parent is that between the bigs steps and changes (first smile, first step, first word, school and first love) you get to be there every day and spend millions of special moments, that would seem almost meaningless to a stranger, but for you – they are huge!

When girls grow up they want to be and feel independent. A simple shed can become a great birthday or middle school graduation present for a teenage girl. It’s like being indoors, but outside. She could use the shed for most of her summer activities, reading, crafts, gardening and backyard parties with her friends.

Now, when your girl is big enough to choose what it will look like and what she will use it for, your only job is to help her decorate it. And then just let her take care of it. It will help her develop good organizational and creative skills, plus it teaches her to be responsible.

When Your Girl Is Big enough for Her Own She-Shed

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