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Espresso Drinks – Latte vs Cappuccino vs Mocha

Feeling a little overwhelmed when ordering your caffeinated beverage at your local coffee shop? This infographic shows you the recipe for the most popular espresso drinks. This infographic shows how much coffee, or milk they contain and how strong they are.

Getting your daily espresso fix from a coffee shop seems like the perfect way to enjoy some “you” time, doesn’t it? But sometimes you wish you wouldn’t have to make the trip. Maybe because you have friends over, or because you just don’t feel like going. What’s holding you back from getting an espresso machine and fix your caffeinated beverage in the comfort of your home? If money is the reason, you should know that even the most expensive fully automatic machines are amortized within one year. Check this article that helps you choose the best latte machine for domestic use. The article reviews latte machines from the whole price range, from under 100 dollars to the most expensive ones over 1000 dollars.

Espresso Drinks - Latte vs Cappuccino vs Mocha

Infographic courtesy of Coffee Brewing Methods