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Using Mirrors in Your Interior Design

To be a part of you home interior, not just a functional item, mirrors have to be bigger than average.

Shapes, however, can vary, starting from standard square angles and combinations you can make of those, up to round, oval, and hexagon with the edges and different lengths.

A hexagon mirror makes a great creative application for your walls if used in a big numbers. Six angles are very likely to fit perfectly into geometry of any kind of interior. Round and oval mirrors in their turn require more balance with other pieces of design and furniture.

There is another fun part about it. You can decorate with mirrors, and you can decorate the mirrors themselves. The easiest part is the color of frames. The same mirror may may look totally different in various colors. Don’t think of a mirror as a separate piece, think of it with the integrity of the entire room in mind.

Using Mirrors in Your Interior Design


Most designers include at least one mirror in their project. It’s very inspiring. See more at Blindschalet