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How to Keep Your Car Cool In Summer

We all know that feeling when you get inside the car after a long day at the office, on a hot summer day. The feeling like you start melting together with your car… but it’s only one side of the problem. If you start feeling like that in just a few seconds of being in the car, try to think about your car as well. It had to stay there all day under the burning sun, with no protection what so ever.

There are some things you can do to protect your car from the damaging influence of sun:

  • Check your AC and filters before the hot season starts. It’s always better to know if advance that your cooling system will make it through.
  • Ask your service station for suggestions on a good UV resistant polish for both exterior and interior. It will keep the paint from fading, and inside plastic and vinyl surfaces from cracking.
  • Park in the shade, if you can. Garage, shed or a big tree. Of course, it’s really hard to find a spot with shade on parking lots. An inside sunshade is a good option here. It won’t cover the whole car, but at least the interior will be protected, and you will definitely feel the difference in temperatures once you get in.

Summer heat is not the only thing to worry about. Check out these tips by TitleMax to always maintain your car in a good condition.

How to Keep Your Car Cool In Summer