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Create a Magic World for Your Children

Nothing fosters your children’s imagination and creativity like an inspirational bedroom that keeps their little minds busy. So set up your kids’ bedroom to be an enchanting place and a magical experience that will help them develop both physically and mentally, rather than an ordinary kids’ room that serves just their basic needs. Explore these simple ideas to get inspired.

 1. Make it a fairy-tale

There isn’t a child in this world that does not love the stories of fairies, dragons, and other magical creatures. Spark their imagination by recreating their favourite fairy-tale scenes with a few simple tricks. Use cardboard to make tiny doors and talking doorknobs and turn their bedroom into Wonderland. Or remove the back side of an old wardrobe, paint a wintry forest on the wall behind it, and voilà – your munchkins have a passage to Narnia. They prefer Neverland? No problem. Cut out Peter Pan’s shadow, paste it on the wall, and hang a flying ship that will take them on a journey when they fall asleep. Remember, the more detailed you are, the more ‘real’ it will feel.

Fairy Tales

2. Get them to be active

Not all kids are lucky enough to have a backyard to play in and develop their motor skills. Yet, they have to use up all that energy somehow. You can bring the outdoors inside for them. Buy a smaller-size outdoor slide and attach it to a bunk bed. This will get them moving from the minute they wake up. You can even build an indoor treehouse. Depending on your skillfulness, it can be complex, or as simple as a tree painted onto the wall, with a few real branches, a ladder, and a net hung from the ceiling to which they can climb.

Get Active

3. Make hideaways and nooks

Just as you sometimes feel like hiding away from the rest of the world, your kids also need a place where they can be alone with their thoughts. Make use of those unutilized corners in their bedroom and create tiny nooks for them to play, or curl up and read a book. Take a huge cardboard box, cut out a door, throw a shaggy rug on the floor, and turn it into a secret hideaway. If you are crafty enough, make a tepee by using some poles and a bed sheet. Turn the entire room into a private shipwreck. Find a relatively inexpensive old boat, cut it in half, and place it around the bed, then paint the walls blue, and add some colourful fish. To enhance the feeling of underwater adventure, install blue-coloured transparent window film. This will also provide excellent protection against the sun but will not block the natural light.

Hideaway Nooks

4. Add lots of learning opportunities

Turn a clear part of a wall into a magnet wall and give your kids loads of letters and numbers to play with. Depending on their age, encourage them to spell out more or less complicated words, or do simple math. Similarly, you can cover an entire wall with Lego boards and let your children release their inner engineers.


5. Put your children’s imagination on display

While all these ideas are great, nothing can match the magic of your kids’ imagination. Let them translate this imagination into artwork. They can do it on a piece of paper, which you can later hang on the wall. Another excellent idea is chalkboard paint, which allows them to pour their creativity directly onto walls.


Some of these projects may require a bit more effort and time, but you know that your little ones deserve the most magical childhood.