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7 Tips on Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties

It is no secret that kids love birthday parties. It is up to you, as a parent, to help them throw a perfect one every single year. The good thing about it is that kids are always happy with simple parties, as long as they fit their need and tastes. Make sure you follow these 7 tips in order to throw a birthday party everyone is going to enjoy.

Involve Your Child in the Planning

It is always a good idea to involve your kid in the party planning. Your kid can help you choose the theme and activities for the party. After all, it is their party and the theme activities should be chosen according to their interests. They can also help you when it comes to making invitations. You can have them draw on the paper or cut out pictures you can later glue onto blank invitations. Of course, your kid is also supposed to choose whom they are going to invite to the party.

Choose a Theme

Every birthday party should have a theme. Talk to your kid and try to come up with something all invitees are going to enjoy. For example, you can go with a sea themed party and have blue balloons all over your house. You can also send fish-shaped invitations and make aquatic-themed nametags. There are many birthday party themes you can opt for as long as you come up with the interesting food and activity ideas. Make sure that everyone enjoys the theme and feels included.

Keep Kids Entertained with Fun Projects

Kids love being creative at birthday parties. That is why you can always keep them entertained with some fun projects. You can have them decorate their own cupcakes with sprinkles and jelly beans. It is also a good idea to prepare buckets with crayons, stencils and stickers and have them create and decorate scrapbooks. Some parents also like the idea of buying a bunch of socks and having kids create their own sock puppets. Once the puppets are made, you can put on a puppet show.

7 Tips on Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties

Make the Food Fun

You can also use food to make the party more fun. Kids do not care only about the taste of the food you served at the party, but also about its looks. They are more likely to eat the food if it looks fun and interesting. If you are making cookies, you can try to shape them like some characters form their favorite cartoons. If you want to serve Jell-O, you can turn it into letters so that kids can also have fun while eating. Keeping some empty sheets of paper and crayons on the food table is also a good idea.

Prepare Goody Bags

A great way to make all the guests feel special is to make them goody bags. You can include some healthy snacks, bubble containers, stickers and small books in the bags. This will keep them entertained at the party and also provide them with something they can take home. The good thing about goody bags is that you can make them yourself. You can use Chinese-food takeout cartons or simple paper bags tied with a ribbon. Consider writing kids’ names on the goody bags in order to make them feel even more special.

Think about the Presents

There are two options when it comes to presents. You can either chose to have your kid open them right away or do it once the party is over. For younger kids, it is always the safest option to wait until the party is over. Still, opening the presents right away can be really fun and that is why you should talk to your kid before the party starts, and decide on this together. If they chose to open the presents during the party, make sure they do not say anything even if they do not like the gift.

Choose a Perfect Location

If you threw the last couple of birthdays at your home, this might also be the right time to opt for a different kind of party. There are great kids’ birthday party venues which might just be what you were looking for. If you opt for any place rather than your home, make sure you talk to all of the parents and ask if they are fine with it. Also, most of the places like this offer parents a chance to have a drink while their kids are enjoying the party.

7 Tips on Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties

The more effort you put into planning your kid’s birthday party, the better time they are going to have. Make sure that there is something to keep every invitee involved. Once all the guests arrive you can have a drink with other parents while the kids are having fun.