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How to Design a Family Photo Wall

Interior design is a tricky thing, since every little detail that you change can impact the appearance of the entire room. Still, if there is one sure thing about it, it’s that every room can benefit from an accent wall. For a family man it is very simple to decide how to design that wall. It should obviously be decorated with a bunch of family memories. Family photos are special treasures we cherish and love to show to people, so displaying them on an accent wall makes sense. However, displaying photos comes with many challenges – some pictures don’t match in time, size, technology used, saturation and colour effects; some frames don’t go well together, and so on. Here are some tips to help you overcome them.

Have a Theme

This is a neat way to avoid all the issues that might come with choosing different sizes and colours of photos. Having one clear theme will create a coherency between the photos and send a clear message. That theme can be something as simple as family Christmas photos, or something more creative like smiles, steps, rainy day photos, baby photos of each family member, etc.

How to Design a Family Photo Wall

Plan the Arrangement

If you are going with the standard “hang the frame” it would be useful to plan the arrangement of the photos before putting a bunch of nail holes into the wall. First you must know the size of your photos and visualize the way of displaying. After, you can mark the spots with a pencil and measure them with a ruler.

Choose the Frames

First you need to decide will you use the same size and shape of the frames and create an elegant gallery-like wall, or will you go with several distinctly different ones. After, think about the style. Would you prefer vintage or modern feel? You can opt for antique frames to create a historic appeal, or go for black frames of different design to add a modern dynamic sense. Also, if you prefer quirky décor, feel free to use different colours on frames.

How to Design a Family Photo Wall

Forget about the Frames

Frames are the obvious choice, but why not take your chances with something entirely different? Hanging a personalized wall print is a great trick to decorate an entire wall at once, and it can be equally or more efficient than hanging several photo frames. Canvas art can be personalized and optimized (sharpness, contrast, colour, etc.) so that it looks amazing as a centerpiece in the living room, or hanged by the staircase.

Stick to the Wall

Sticking the photos directly to the walls with no frames or nails may remind us to our high-school days and magazine posters, but it surely has its appeal. By doing this you can create asymmetrical display in the shape of heart, words, wreath, circle, etc. If you want it to look tidier, get a large frame and organize a lot of small photos in it, so that you have a display which looks like a giant negative.

How to Design a Family Photo Wall

Black and White Is the Safest Way

Black and white has a unique appeal which goes well with everything. It is an unobtrusive way to display your family photos, while still being striking enough to draw the eye. If you want to add more interest to your black and white arrangement, you can mix in some special words (e.g. family, love, hope) or sayings (e.g. “Family – where life begins and love never ends”). Or just take the road less traveled and strategically mix up some colour photos in between.

Remember that these are just some ideas to spark your imagination. Use your own creativity and with the help of your family members you can create a perfect family photo wall. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the frame painting, picture framing and hang them by yourself.