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What Men Need to Know When Buying A Diamond Ring

It’s not easy buying a diamond ring for the woman of your dreams, is it?

With a little guidance, you’ll pick the perfect ring to win her heart. A G & Sons have created this wonderful infographic that provides a number of useful tips for when buying a diamond ring.

There’s a lot more to it than you might think, check out the infographic below:

what men need to know when buying a diamond ring

Certification – Only buy diamonds which are conflict free and can be traced back to suppliers.

Cut – The better cut a ring is, the better it handles light which gives it more sparkle!

Clarity – Ensure the diamond has great clarity.

Colour – There are several colours of diamond but the most sought after is the totally colourless.

Carat – 1 carat is 0.2 grams and less than 5% of diamonds weigh more than a carat.

What Women Want – Take a look at her jewellery collection to see what she usually wears. There’s Platinum, White Gold or Gold to choose from. Also, pick a diamond shape to match her personality and style.

How much to spend? – Based on an annual salary of £30K, a typical budget for a diamond ring might be £2,500 but this is the traditional way. Just go for whatever you can afford!


A G & Sons is a family run business that features a wide range of diamond and gold jewellery. They have branches in the UK, Canada and India.