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7 Great Tips for Designing a Stylish Home Office

Nowadays, technology is giving us the opportunity and the freedom to work from almost anywhere. If you have a laptop and manage to find a stable connection – you’re ready to work remotely. More and more people are realising the benefits of such opportunity and work from home has become more than just a passing trend. In addition, companies who have full-time employees are being more flexible, allowing them to work from their homes from time to time. As a result, this practice increased the need of setting up a suitable and inspiring home office.

Whether you’re working from home temporarily or full-time, you need something to keep you motivated. Having a charming and comfy office is a good way to begin. Here are 7 tips that will inspire you to set up both stylish and functional office and truly enjoy your work!

A perfect blend of comfort and style

When setting up a home office, most people focus on its functionality. While function is imperative, think of the style as well. The choices are numerous and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t have both. The main mission of modern furniture design is a perfect balance between function and form. It’s not that hard to find beautiful and comfortable furniture any more, regardless of the budget you can spend. If you’re on the lookout for relaxing chairs, check out this post – https://relaxlikeaboss.com/most-relaxing-chair/

Ergonomics before everything

If you’ll be spending most of your workday sitting at the desk, getting an ergonomic chair is not an option – it’s a must. Ergonomic chairs are designed to save your health and minimise the hazards of long-term sitting. Besides investing in an ergonomic chair, increase the functionality of your desk by finding a perfect keyboard, mouse and screen placement. When choosing a desk, if possible, opt for the one with adjustable height.

Embrace the natural light

Science has many times proven the benefits of natural light and good ventilation. Without it, we have less energy, don’t get enough vitamin D, strain our eyes more and this certainly affects our work motivation and productivity in a negative way. Place your desk next to the balcony door (if you have an exit to balcony). Have at least one big window in your office and let the natural light in.

elegant beach style home office with a modern touch

Choose the location carefully

If you can choose which room to use as your home office, don’t be stiff on space. I already mentioned the importance of natural light, so avoid basements and other poorly lit spaces. Consider the room traffic as well and place your desk somewhere where you’ll be reaching it without difficulties and distractions. You should be able to move around the office freely. Avoid positioning your desk against the wall – it’s likely that you’ll feel trapped. Also, avoid sitting with the doors behind your back.

A personal touch

Just because function comes first, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort to give your office a personal touch. Your office may be perfectly comfortable and with a top-notch design, but without adding personalised decorations, it might feel a bit bland and uninspiring. To avoid this, treat your office like you would do with any other room in your home. Family photos, artwork that you love, or a colourful, homey accessory will liven up your office and make it less “sterile”.

Use your space wisely

This is particularly important if your office is tiny and you don’t have many square metres to count on. Always choose desks with storage space included. If your desk doesn’t have drawers (or you simply have too much stuff), you can make your own by adding a board above cabinets. Floating wall shelves, decorative baskets and wall paper holders, cube storages… the options are countless. If you ran out of creative ideas, browse through Pinterest in search for interesting and DIY solutions.

Adding some green to your space

Having desk and wall decorations or painting one wall in a bright colour that you love will certainly liven up your space. However, your home office might need some “real” life in it as well. House plants will refresh your office air and bring much more beauty into your space. Maybe you’re not considering yourself as a “gardener” type, but there are some good news for you. There are home plants that are extremely hard to kill, so you don’t have to worry about their maintenance.