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Making Your House POP!

Let’s face it, half the fun of building a new home is getting a chance to test and flex your creative ability. All of the little choices you make are the difference between a building where you live and a truly unique place to call your own; home. While many people enjoy taking the challenge of interior design head on, far too many ignore the exterior of their new home. Siding is all well and good, but running siding the whole way across your home makes it look monochromatic, and flat. Here are some things to consider when it comes to the exterior design of your home.

Mix and Match

One of the best ways to create depth for the front of your home is to play with different materials, of which there are many to choose from. Stone can give you a really great texture and change the feeling of your home, and is a nice touch for shaker, or colonial styled homes. Wooden shingles can also do a lot to change the face of your home, giving you a unique look that will really wow your guests. Siding is good too, but finding ways to break it up helps to make the face of your home more interesting.

Color me Impressed

Color can make a lot of difference when it comes to the exterior of your home. Darker colors can make things appear further away, and lighter colors can bring things visually forward. Keep this in mind to help highlight angles or features of your home to really make it stand out. Take the time and really think about how you want your house to look. Work with your home builder or take a peek online to get some inspiration.


Columns are another great accent piece that helps to break up the monotony of the exterior. By building columns, you not only have added structural support, but the awning helps to keep your home cool in the summer time by blocking out the excess sunlight. Columns can really add a feeling of grandeur, making for an impressive entryway that leads to an equally impressive home.

Consider a Wrap around Porch

Here’s another great way to break up the shape of your home’s exterior. Wrap around porches are great for a lot of reasons. They provide the perfect place to entertain guests, the shade makes it a great place to enjoy the summer weather (or a dry spot to sit if you’re a fan of thunderstorms) and also does a great job of helping to keep your energy bills down when it comes to cooling your home. A wraparound porch can add a very cosy and inviting feel to your home and is definitely worth considering.

Obviously the choices are yours to make, however it’s important to remember, this is your home, and will be for quite some time. By spending a little extra time and thought on the exterior design, you can have a place that will not only wow your guests, but gives you a sense of pride, every time you come home for years to come.

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