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Choose the Right Lighting for Your Child’s Room

The correct lighting is crucial for the healthy development of a child. If your little ones are exposed to low lighting, the risk of having poor eyesight will increase with age. Constant playing, drawing, and reading they’ll do under a dim light can severely damage their eyesight and cause many other problems. Therefore, in order to keep your children safe and healthy, make sure you check out some of the following suggestions and choose proper lights for their room.

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Child’s Room

Personalized Light

When it comes to the design of children’s rooms, their personal space always has to be unconventional. If you have a little girl, you’ll probably have to decorate her room in a fairy tale princess style, with pink walls, lots of fluffy toys and Barbie dolls. Why should the lamp be any different? Characters like Hello Kitty, or Strawberry Cupcake will definitely enchant your little princess and be perfect for the night time. Choose Sponge Bob or Angry Birds motives for your little boy. They’ll enjoy spending time in their room, with their favourite characters keeping them company.

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Child’s Room

Security and Fixture

The placement of lights in the room is vital. Keep in mind that if a child likes to read before sleep, you should place the lamp to accommodate that activity. There should be no shadows that will make it hard for the child to read. The light for playtime should be somewhere at the middle of the height of the room. This way, no object will be in the dark and all the toys will be easily accessible. Additionally, it’s very important that you install lights that only have a switch on the high points of the wall, in case your children are too small to understand that they shouldn’t touch the cords and cables. This way you’ll have a peace of mind and the kids will be perfectly safe.

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Child’s Room


Bright lights are not suitable for light sleepers. When they want to relax and rest, a light dimmer is a perfect choice. Considering most of the children’s rooms are used for various activities, including playing, studying and resting, all of these activities require different kind of lights. Therefore, it’s recommended you install multiple lighting fixtures so that a child can always choose the one that best suits the activity. Light dimmer is great for resting, while LED downlights will completely light up the room, and make it look like the light was shining out of the ceiling. It consumes minimal energy and keeps the place bright.

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Child’s Room

The Power of the Light

A light sleeper is a great innovation in the lighting industry. By installing it, you won’t have to turn on the main light if you wish to check up on your little one while he or she’s asleep. This way, light sleepers won’t be disturbed and you’ll be carefree. A dimmer-switch is another great thing. It gives you the opportunity to keep the room bright during the day and dimmed at bedtime. Finally, a nursery can be perfectly decorated with twinkling ceiling lights. They will provide just enough lighting at night, and give a baby the gorgeous night sky to look at before it falls asleep.

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Child’s Room

Having appropriate lighting is a very important part of a room décor. Therefore, choose wisely and keep your child’s best interest at heart. It’s vital that the kids have enough light to play, read, or scribble and rest. Don’t forget to secure all the switches, outlets and cords to avoid any hazards. Check out the previous suggestions and provide your children with the gorgeous lightning they’ll love.


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