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Making Your Home Safe for the Kids

There is literally nothing more important to parents than their kids. Raising a child is a full-time job itself, and it is safe to say that rugrats aren’t exactly keen on helping their parents out. Kids are not to be blamed here – what do they know? They are kids, after all. Although the inconveniences the parents encounter are sometimes harmless, a moment of a parent’s absence can result in the young ones getting hurt. There are many dangers within a family home and making sure that all of these are covered is the parent’s job. While most of these are obvious, they are easily overlooked, so make sure that you’ve taken care of each and every one.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets sometimes even pose a threat to grownups. When it comes to kids, especially toddlers, a ton of precaution needs to be exercised – they aren’t really reluctant about sticking their little fingers everywhere, as I am sure you are well aware of. The first order of business when you are expecting should be moving the actual outlets – if they are near the floor, as your kid will try to tinker with them, as soon as they are able to crawl. Furthermore, using protective coverings is hugely important – these literally save lives.

Making your home safe for the kids


Ever seen the “Keep out of children’s reach” label? Well, you probably have, especially on pharmaceutical products. There is a reason for this: the second thing that children like to do, besides sticking their fingers everywhere, is sticking anything that might fit into their mouths. Like the power outlets, medicine should be kept at high enough places, out of their reach. Even children’s medications should be stored away safely, out of the little ones’ reach – not like your kid can keep track of the dosage amount. Child-proof caps on medicine bottles are there for a reason, but often aren’t enough to keep your kid safe.


Pool covers

Using pool covers is extremely important because your kid won’t be able to swim on their own at their young age. So, these should be tended to, carefully. Even grownups can drown in pool covers – accidentally fall into a covered pool and you are likely to end up entangled into the thing, rendering it impossible for you to swim. Now the problem here with kids is mostly owing to the fact that they don’t always perceive pool covers as soft surfaces – if they see a leaf fall on it, they are certain that they can crawl or walk on it. This is why you need to make sure that the cover is properly strapped.


Never leave your child alone in the bathroom – you absolutely need to let that phone ring in order to avoid cliché movie scenarios of children drowning in the tub. The shampoo, like the medicine, should be kept out of children’s reach, for obvious reasons. The danger of drowning, unfortunately, isn’t limited to the pool. A kid can drown inside a kitchen sink, let alone inside a bathtub. Make sure that you regularly check for blocked drains and take care of these as soon as possible. One more thing, keep that blow drier unplugged and safely tucked away!

Making the home safe for the kids

Furniture corners and edges

Also, avoiding brain concussion is very important. Before your kid even sets foot inside your home, make sure you’ve covered corners and furniture edges properly. In fact, this could even turn out to be an interesting DIY project! If you are worried about the aesthetics, the covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Even if you thoroughly follow the outlined advice, you can never be certain that your home is completely child-proof. Cover all the previous advice, just to be safe, but never let your child out of sight and unattended.