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An Insight into Modern Water-Saving Solutions

Lowering your water use is the best thing you could do to lower your carbon footprint. It’s also a way to save quite a bit of money. Making that choice doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make radical changes to the lifestyle you’re accustomed to. There are numerous gadgets available, that are dedicated to reducing water consumption in areas you wouldn’t think to look. Think about investing in such a device and you’ll see that in the long run – the benefits outweigh the cost of installation.

Faucet aerators

Faucet aerators are the devices that control the stream of water coming out of the fixture. High efficiency aerators do it without reducing the pressure. This means you can save water (and therefore money) without sacrificing any comfort. By using these devices, you can save up to 15.000 gallons of water per year. It’s also important to note that different faucets require different flow levels. For instance, you should keep higher flow rates in the kitchen, because some tasks depend on it (like filling up pots quickly).

Modern Water-Saving Solutions

The Hippo

If you have an older toilet (installed before 2001) it uses much more water than it needs to, and up to 3 times more than the current standard. The Hippo is an eco-gadget that can help you with that. It’s basically a bag made out of polyethylene. You place it under the cistern float and let it sit on the water. Every time you flush, the water confined in the bag is being saved. With every flush you save 0.8 gallons of water, which means that initial investment is paid off in matter of weeks. Toilet flushing accounts for 30 percent of water usage in a household, so this numbers add up in the long run. Check out our new version of the flushing toilet it’s eco-friendly and saves water.

Smart shower heads

In a recent chat with a Sydney-based emergency plumber, it was brought to my attention that showers are one of the most important items for water conservation. So if you want to make just one green innovation to your bathroom – install a smart shower head. Green shower heads operate in couple of different ways. There those who inject air into the water stream (those tend to make more noise) and others pulsate the water stream dozens of times per second (this reduces the amount of water used, but the pressure stay the same).

Modern Water-Saving Solutions

Double flush toilet

This gadget is a bit more expensive, but it can save you more money and water in the long run. It has two buttons or handles to start two different levels of water. Since the smaller flush is used more often it saves the water that would be wasted if you only had the one option. It’s hard to calculate how much you save using this mechanism (because there are too many variants), but it can be up to 5000 gallons per year.

Bathwater diverter

This gadget is based on reusing the water, not conserving it. It’s simple and inexpensive to install. Your bathwater doesn’t go down the drain instead it’s being redirected to a water butt or connected to a gardening hose directly. The same exterior water butt can be filled in different ways (for instance it can collect rain water). Collected water can be filtered or used in the garden.

Water conservation is becoming an ever more important issue every day. As it’s usually the case with green agenda, your contribution can seem small and insignificant in the great scheme of things. Nothing can be further from the truth – water is a valuable resource and most if it is being wasted in mundane household settings.