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How to Create a Truly Child Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of family life in many homes. It should be a place that can accommodate all family members. Kids should be able to make simple snacks and parents should have the space and the utilities to organize more elaborate and gourmand meals. Most of all kitchens should be safe and easy to organize and manage.

With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your kitchen remodeling project. Keep in mind that there are no universal solutions and that much of it depends on the way you and your family uses the kitchen.


Things will eventually get messy, especially with kids around, so make sure all surfaces are easy to clean. This means both floors and kitchen countertops, because many tend to forget the former. Laminate and quartz surfaces are practical and can look quite nice if you choose the right color and pattern. They emulate granite, but don’t try to fool anyone when you’re selling the house – it’s easy to spot the difference. Also, think about the shock impact of the materials you use, there is going to be more than one carelessly dropped glass.

Child Friendly Kitchen


It’s a good idea to have everything you need to actually prepare the meal in one area, preferably a little bit away from the kid space. The person who’s doing the cooking should be able to easily move from sinks to the stove, but make sure you leave the pipes and fixtures easily accessible in case there’s a need to repair something, advises and experienced Hazlet-based plumber. If you have younger kids this area can also be a bit elevated so it’s harder to reach. You can also set up a separate corner for the kids, where toys are allowed to stay on the floor and where mess is tolerated. Just have a strict policy about not mixing the two.


Use the drawers to set boundaries and make it clear who can use what. This goes for storage, pantry and refrigerator. Lower more accessible drawers are for the items that kids can use by themselves and higher are for more dangerous or grown up items. Think about the size of the pantry beforehand, because this often gets overlooked and everyone focuses on the storage. Having enough space to store items you use often, can be of great help in decluttering the kitchen and leaving enough room to work and move freely.

Child Friendly Kitchen

Open plan

This takes a bit of work, but if you can do it (or if you’re building your home from scratch) it will mean a lot. Kitchen and living room are practically blended into one in most homes, so people often eat in front of the TV or on the couch. Try to remove all doors and walls between the two. There should definitely be a difference in style and design, but you should be able to move from your kitchen to the living room without any obstacles in your way. It’s more efficient and the space seems larger that way.


If you have toddlers, try to look at your kitchen from their perspective. Every sharp corner is a danger, every drawer is a new place to explore and every appliance can be a real hazard. Eliminate corners all together, use appliance that have child protection features and try to find the least slippery materials for the floors, all in an attempt to increase the overall kitchen safety. If you don’t plan for another remodeling in a near future, also make sure that all of these additional features are easily removable.

i also recently came across the following resource, a guide to family guide to kitchen safety which I recommend you check out!

When you’re redoing your kitchen try to think of it not only as an expression of your style, but also as a space which has a specific purpose, to cater the needs of the entire family.