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Child Friendly, Yet Stylish Living Room

Let’s rewind a bit: a while ago you designed a perfectly inviting and stylish grown-up living room and then a child came into the picture. Now you have a cluttered space, you are stepping on Legos every two seconds, you’re constantly screaming “Don’t touch that” or watching where your child might end up getting hurt. It doesn’t have to be that way. Being a parent and having a nicely decorated living room are not exclusionary concepts. Here, we’ll share some life saving tips for parents who want to have a child friendly living room that is still stylish and totally for the adults.

Child-Proof the Walls

If you’re thinking “Walls, who would even think of touching, staining or scratching the walls?” then you’re probably a first-time parent. Oh, sweet summer child. Kids will look at the walls as gigantic canvas, or places to lean on when their hands are covered in chocolate. Now that you know this, your first step should be to use a washable paint sheen that can be easily cleaned up with a mild soap and a damp rag. Chalkboard or dry-erase paint is also a fun idea.

Baby Go Round

The most common choice for a coffee table is wooden, rectangular and with sharp edges. That doesn’t sound very child friendly, right? Now that you have a kid, you should ditch that table and get a round one that doesn’t pose any danger to your little one. You can also do something similar with the rest of your furniture, and opt for rounded edges. If not, you can always use edge-guards.

Child Friendly Living Room

Or Soften Up…

Another great solution for the previously mentioned problem is to use soft comfy upholstered ottomans instead of the traditional club tables. As for the rest of the furniture – the softer, the better. It will also give your room a whole new cozy dimension.

Go “UnderCOVER”

A child in a room with light-colored upholstery is like a bull in a china shop, really, everything can go wrong. So, should you throw away your white sofa and buy a new one? If you are lucky enough, you already have an enduring leather sofa, but in the previous case, you can opt for slip covers. If you insist on good-old upholstery, you can re-upholster your furniture with low-maintenance natural fabric. Take a hint from Fabric Traders who confirm a growing demand for vinyl, cotton blend (with stain resistant finish) and leather.

Child Friendly Living Room

Child Friendly Accessories

First, get rid of everything that can hurt your child – throw it away or store it out of your child’s reach. Then do the same with all the things that can get “hurt” by your child. Now you’re ready to introduce new accessories that are soft and harmless. Make up for that lack of expression by hanging grown-up artworks on the wall, or installing a high vertical shelf that can keep all your old accessories. You can combine the best of both worlds and create a family photo gallery.

Zone It!

Don’t forget that this is your child’s living room too and that you have to make some style compromises. The sense of ownership is one of the first things we feel, so give your child a chance to have a corner of their own in the living room. It can be a small playing nook, surrounded by a safety gate with just a couple of toys that can’t make a real mess. As the child grows, that zone can be transformed into a drawing nook, reading nook, homework nook, etc.

Hopefully you have got the most important message here: keep your stylishness high and maintenance low. Sure, having a baby is a life-changing decision, but it is also the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone. If that means making some compromises, you should know that it is well worth it.