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The Art of Choosing Child Friendly Carpets and Rugs

Aside from anchoring a room and infusing it with style, carpets and rugs can serve as thermal and sound insulation, as well. This is especially important when it comes to picking a suitable covering for your child’s bedroom floor, and making the right choice isn’t that hard providing that you follow certain rules. Pick your aesthetic preferences and bear the purpose of the carpet or rug in your mind and you’ll be able to find your match in no time.

Check your floor

First, decide whether you want wall-to-wall carpeting or just a little rug in the centre of the bedroom where there’s no furniture. This mostly depends on the type of the flooring you have – if a room is covered with floor tiles, then the carpet is a must to keep your kids’ feet warm. On the other hand, hardwood floors look great naked and can go without a rug, but they can be cold, too. Besides, a rug or a carpet will protect your precious parquetry and make your floor more comfortable – don’t forget that kids love sitting on the ground.

Know the health risks

We tend to become aware of the dust only when we can see it, but it falls on the carpets and rugs as well – it’s just less visible. That’s why dirty carpets may be harmful to your family’s health, especially if your kids are prone to allergies. This doesn’t mean you should give up – just make sure you vacuum clean at least once a week and have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned every once in a while. Also, natural fibres are usually hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so consider that when purchasing a rug for your child’s room.

Child Friendly Carpets

Express your style

As we mentioned before, carpets and rugs play a major role in interior design since they can upgrade any room. Your kids’ room is not an exception so decorate it to your taste. Luckily, natural kids rugs come in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns these days – yours is just to choose the right one. Do you want it to be round or rectangular? With pattern or with stripes? It’s up to you but know this: solid block coloured rugs are not really recommended for kids’ rooms – colourful, patterned ones hide the stains better and turn a room into a vivid, playful area.

Learn a bit about carpet types

Carpets are manufactured with cut pile tufts, loop pile tufts, and a combination of both. Cut pile and loop pile make the best choice for your kids’ room but only if they’re dense enough. Otherwise, it might hold dust and various allergens and will wear out quickly. So, density is your number one criteria – thick carpets will help keep the dirt on top and make it easier to vacuum and show fewer footprints. Besides, carpets like those will be softer as well and, therefore, more comfortable and they provide a better sound insulation.

Pick the right material

When choosing the material of a carpet or a rug, you should have three things in your mind: how warm, how comfy and how hard to clean it is. The best solution would be to opt for those rugs that are made of a mix of natural materials and synthetic fibres. Wool blends make a perfect choice for kids’ rooms – natural material such as wool makes it warm, soft and naturally hypoallergenic while synthetic fibres make it easier to clean and more affordable.

Once you get these covered, you’ll be able to choose a proper carpet or a rug for your children effortlessly. It really is a form of art – the perfect rug or carpet will be your masterpiece and you’ll be awarded by seeing your kids content and healthy. What more a loving parent can want?