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5 Basic Care Tips for Your Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture has an amazing impact on any interior space design. It can become the centerpiece of a living room, a reliable dining room solution, or can add a homey feel to your kitchen or bedroom. However, wooden furniture also has a tendency to slowly get tarnished over time. Prone to dust and staining, or wear and tear, the lack of care people have for wooden furniture can make it dirty, lose its shine, and cause permanent damage to even the best quality wood. To help you protect your wooden furniture here are some basic care tips that will make your highlight pieces catch everyone’s eye, and stand out once again in any room.

Basic Care Tips for Your Wooden Furniture

1. Dust Regularly

Dusting is a necessity for any type of furniture. Accumulated dust can harm the wood of your furniture, as it dries the wooden fibres, and makes it deteriorate faster. Regular dusting of wooden furniture 2-3 times a week is essential. There are numerous ways to clean wood furniture, but probably the best and easiest solution to getting rid of dust is by simply using a damp cloth or a feather duster, both of which can get into tight areas and get every bit of dust.

2. Polish Your Wooden Furniture

Although it is recommended to clean your wooden furniture at least once a month with soap and water, the chemicals found in usual commercial cleaners can actually harm wood. Homemade wood polish recipes, made from natural ingredients like vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice, work both as a cleaning agent and can bring out the shine in your wooden furniture. Gently apply a bit of your homemade polish onto a dry cloth, and work into your wood, in a circular motion.

Basic Care Tips for Your Wooden Furniture

3. Protect Your Furniture from Stains

Wood also has a remarkable ability to stain and absorb oils and liquids, making it especially sensitive to moisture. As one of the most expensive types of timber on the market, dining tables made from grade a teak or quality oak cabinets, can easily be stained if exposed to damp. First of all, make sure to keep all your wooden furniture in dry rooms. Regulate natural room moisture by opening windows and ventilating the space. However, if your wooden furniture does get stained, the only way to make it look great again is to use sandpaper. Sand down the wood, and use varnish solution when you’re done.

4. Take Care of Wear and Tear Issues

One of the most damaging effects to wooden furniture is consistent use. If a nail gets loose, or the legs of your dining room chair become wobbly, inspect the furniture and take them to a carpenter. There are numerous reasons for this, but some of the most common are nail rust or the glue losing its grip. Although you can make a DIY project out of refurbishing wooden furniture, you should always consider leaving it to an expert carpenter, who can make the right assessment and fix the problem without damaging the wood further.

Basic Care Tips for Your Wooden Furniture

5. Protect the Padding

Another problem that occurs from consistent use of wooden furniture, is padding damage. Leather materials that make up the padding on chairs are prone to drying out and can tear apart over time. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your furniture, rub oil or cream into your padding, and use other great leather care tips to protect the fabric on your wooden furniture. Alternatively, other types of upholstery can easily be cleaned with a vacuum and basic cleaning products, like water and soap.

Basic Care Tips for Your Wooden Furniture

All these basic care tips need a bit of time and effort, but will have an amazing impact on all types of wooden furniture. They will not only keep your prized possessions looking shiny and great, but will also protect your furniture from damage in years to come.

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