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The Interesting Journey of a Diamond [Infographic]

We all know the saying, Diamonds are a girls best friend! But not many people know the entire journey of a diamond from rock to ring.

We all know where to find a diamond ring or necklace nowadays. head to your local shopping centre or surf the internet and you’ll easily find diamonds you can buy. You may not realise, the process of creating a diamond is a combination of art, science and engineering.

The infographic below will take you through this process in more detail:

Journey of a Diamond

Where do diamonds come from?

The creation of diamonds begins hundreds of miles below ground. In order for the diamonds to reach the surface, a specific type of eruption has to occur, a kimberlite eruption.

The magma eventually cools inside kimberlite pipes which leaves behind conical veins of kimerblite rock containing diamonds.

How do we reach the kimberlite pipes?

The kimberlite pipes are blasted and pit-mining begins. Heavy machinery, hydraulic shovels and trucks are used to mine diamonds.

Geologists sometimes use termites to find kimberlite pipes, since in building their mounds, termites dig up rocks and minerals revealing that there could be diamonds below.

There are a number of different types of mining:

  • Open Pit Mining
  • Underground Mining
  • Horizontal Mining
  • Vertical Mining
  • Alluvial Mining
  • Pipe Mining

What changes do we make?

Once the ore from the mining phase has been crushed, it is mixed with a slurry made of finley ground ferrosilicon of a particular density. This process is called ‘dense medium seperation’.

Diamonds repel water and are drawn to grease so the crushed ore is passed over a grease belt that the diamonds then stick to.


This infographic was produced by A G & Sons, which is a family run business that features a wide range of diamond and gold jewellery. They have branches in the UK, Canada and India.