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Fantastic Cold Remedies and Where to Find Them

The post-Christmas period can leave us feeling a little blue. Many people get paid a week earlier in December to fit in that last bit of shopping. However, this makes January a very long month until payday. The last thing you need during this time is a pesky cold. If you’re looking for a way to successfully eliminate your cold, lets hope this list of ultimate cold remedies on a budget can help you!

Ginger Tea – £1.69

Ginger is a great remedy to help relieve inflammation in the sinuses and can also soothe the throat. It can be a hassle though, peeling and chopping chunks of ginger! Why not save your time and purchase some ready to brew ginger tea?

Twining’s Ginger is one of the best, with natural ingredients and it’s also caffeine free. It will definitely help you get off to sleep. To make it a little bit sweeter, you could add some honey.

Ocado Ginger Tea

Zinc and Vitamin C Supplements – £4.45

This remedy won’t be as immediate as ginger tea but good things come to those who wait!  Zinc will reduce the effects of a cold and will also support your immune system.

Many people loose their appetite when a cold hits, so supplements can be an excellent way to ensure you’re still getting the vitamins you could be missing out on. You also may not be too keen on ginger tea!

Tea Tree Infused Steam Bath – £11.22

Both a tight chest and stuffy head are part and parcel of having a cold and it’s horrible. There is a good remedy for this that will really get up your nose, exactly what you need!

Get yourself a heat-safe mixing bowl and fill it with boiling water. Grab a towel and throw this over your head. Then lean over the bowl, without getting too close. To allow the steam to circulate, take nice deep breaths. You can then add a few drops of Tea Tree oil which will help clear the sinuses more effectively.

Ocado Tea Tree

Veggie Juice – £2.29

Getting your five-a-day is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling run down! A glass of vegetable juice is a quick and easy way to consume one of your five portions. Not only this, vegetable juice is packed full of vitamins and minerals to give you that extra boost.

Secret Tip: Echinacea – £5.40

“Echina-what?” This remedy is less known than others. It’s a herbal remedy that can help your body defend against germs. The Echinacea is a flower from the daisy family and is commonly called the ‘Purple Coneflower’.

The leaves from a Echinacea flower can be used to make tea or it can be taken in tablet form. This may boost your chances of beating that horrible cold!

Cold Remedies - Echinacea

I know what your next question is, where can I get my hands on these awesome cold remedies? Ocado will deliver straight to your door, so there’s no need for a freezing cold trip to your local chemist.