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5 Business Ideas to Inspire You in 2017

We can safely say that starting your own business, is today much easier than it used to be. And having that in mind, we can also assume that we’re going to see a lot of new entrepreneurs entering the business world in 2017. If you are among them, you’re going to need an idea that will turn into a profitable business. And only if you choose your industry carefully will you be able to make it in the business world. Here are 5 business ideas that will have a favourable environment in 2017 and something you should definitely consider when starting a SMB.

5 Business Ideas to Inspire You in 2017

Computer Repair Business

We are becoming more and more dependent on technology and therefore starting a computer repair business is always a good idea. Not to mention that today, you can’t really trust that any machine will stay in good condition throughout its lifespan. If you decide to start a computer repair business, you will need to know your way around the tools and sign up for a computer repair course. Another great thing about this business idea is that you can always expand your business and start repairing some other appliances which is guaranteed to bring you more profit.

Online Teaching

There are millions of people out there willing to put a lot of effort into learning something new. So why not help them and make a business out of it along the way? And no matter if you are teaching art, language, or a skill, you will be able to do it online. This means that if you opt for a business like this, you won’t have to spend money on renting an office since you will be able to do everything right from your home. Of course, you will need a well-designed website that will help you attract new students so having someone deal with that for you is always recommended. A good start would be to get a free hosting provider & put up your website for everyone to see with one of free WordPress templates available out there. This way you can get the feel if this business idea

5 Business Ideas to Inspire You in 2017

Beauty Salon Business

Another thing people always look for is enhancing their physical appearance. That’s why starting a beauty salon business might just be a right move. Of course, you will need to take on beauty training, but with so many courses available online, this shouldn’t be too much of a trouble. In order to run a successful beauty salon business you will also need a good location. You can always rent a place in the beginning and think about getting a place of your own once your business stars making money. Also, finding good staff is absolutely necessary if you want to make it in this industry. Another consideration which might make life a lot easier would be to outsource certain duties. A great example would be utilising a company offering a commercial laundry service to ensure that salon linens, towels and any other fabrics are consistently cleaned. By having no downtime in having to deal with cleaning your own fabrics, you can dedicate more time and energy towards providing your clients an excellent service. 

Warehouse Business

Plenty of small businesses simply cannot afford a place where they are going to store all of their products. That’s when they turn to a warehouse business who can help them keep their costs down. Having that in mind, starting a warehouse business is another great idea. If you decide to do this, first of all, you’re going to need to find a place for your warehouse. Once you do that, you will also need to apply for a license and get all the necessary equipment. Having a work platform and a few pallet trucks is an absolute must when running a successful warehouse business.


Freelancing is another popular option for anyone who is looking for a way to earn money. Freelancer is a person who is not in a long-term contact with any company but simply does small projects for anyone who requires their services. There are plenty of businesses with skill gaps in their staff that simply have to turn to freelancers to do some projects for them. And with so many freelancing websites available today, and resources like this list of the best marketplaces and platforms for freelancers, entering this business shouldn’t be too difficult. What’s even better, as you complete projects, your profile grows and you will be offered more and more new freelancing jobs.

5 Business Ideas to Inspire You in 2017

Consider all of these ideas and you might end up starting a successful SMB during this year. No matter which industry you opt for, just make sure you plan your each move carefully and always think about the future of your business.